49 Superhero secrets

Amazing facts you didn’t know about your favourite stars from the big screen



1. Even though he seems loaded, Tony Stark is skint compared to Batman. While Tony is worth £1.9billion, Bruce Wayne has a cool £4.4billion!

2. As well as his normal suit, Iron Man has built especially adapted outfits to allow him to travel through space and deep sea dive.

3. American actor Sam Rockwell was originally penned-in to play Iron Man, but went on to play villain Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 instead.

4. The first version of the Iron Man suit had roller skates included in the heels.

5. When he’s flying, Iron Man can travel at Mach 10 – that’s 7,000mph.


6. He’s so strong he can survive a nuclear explosion and plants-shattering impacts.

7. The Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Universal Studios speeds you from 0-40mph in two seconds. That’ll turn you green!

8. He may be able to hurl office blocks around for a laugh, but The Hulk is now 50 years old. He was first introduced in a Marvel Comic in May 1962 as ‘The strangest man of all time’.

9. Homer Simpson has turned into the Hulk on four separate occasions, and even had a fight with The Thing, from The Fantastic Four, on St. Patrick’s Day.

10. Before he became the green giant we all know, the first Hulk was actually a boring old gray colour.

11. In the early comics, Bruce Banner only Hulked out at night – come sunrise, he’d turn back to normal.


12. A new X-Men film is being developed in Hollywood and is likely to hit our screens in 2014,and if you can’t wait that long, check out Wolverine 2 next year!

13. Prof X has used his telepathic abilities to reach across space and make mental contact with all manner of weird alien races.

14. Along with having bones coated in metal, Wolverine can tell if you’re lying. It’s all thank to his super-strong hearing and sense of smell, which enable him to hear your heartbeat and sniff your sweat. Yuk.

15. The original ‘X-Factor’ was a group of X-Men who posed as humans to capture dangerous mutants.

16. Professor X can learn languages really quickly by reading the brains of people from different countries.

17. Super-villain Magneto once used his control over magnetism to deflect massive asteroids that were hurtling towards Earth.


18. Cap’s shield started life as a TRIANGLE shape, not his current circular one.

19. The shield is made from super-strong substance called Vibranium, which comes from the ore of meteorites.

20. Actor Chris Evans plays Captain America AND The Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm – make your mind up mate!

21. Captain America was the first Marvel character to have his own film – in 1944.

22. Cap is one of the mew mortal beings deemed worthy enough to wield Thor’s mega hammer, Mjolnir.


23. As a boy Hawkeye ran away with the circus and it was the circus and it was under the big top that he learnt to fire arrows.

24. Hawkeye is able to fire six arrows faster than the average human can fire six bullets.

25. Actor Jeremy Renner is 40 years older than his youngest brother.


26. Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man costumes cost £65,000 each to create – and four were stolen from the film set and never returned. Naughty, naughty.

27. Spidey is now the star of a hit New York musical written by Bono and The Edge from Irish rock group U2!

28. Leonardo Di Caprio was going to play Spider-Man in the first film but the role was eventually landed by Tobey Maguire.

29. Peter Parker once go so sick of his spider powers that he brewed some medicine to try and get rid of them, but it ended up giving him six arms.

30. Spidey is actually an honorary member of The Avengers, but Hollywood rules will stop him from being in any of the films.

31. As well as using his web to swing through the city, Spider-Man can also use the sticky stuff to tie up villains, create a shield, or a club, and even make a cool hang-glider!


32. Superman stores his Clark Kent clothing in a special compartment in his cape!

33. He’s close mates with Batman, and they are among the only people who know each others’ identities.

34. The company behind Superman, DC Comics, wants to make its own version of The Avengers – which would have Supes, Batman and Green Lantern teaming up!

35. Superman’s costume is made out of blankets found in the spaceship he crashed to Earth in.

36. The gravity on his home planet, Krypton, is 15 times stronger than on Earth, which is why Supes’ muscles and bones are so strong!

37. There’s more than one kind of Kryptonite! Green can kill Superman; red makes his powers go mental; gold robs him of his abilities; while white destroys just about every form of plant life known to man!


38. If Thor is losing a fight, he summons a special power called “Warrior’s Madness”, which makes him super strong but totally out of control!

39. Actor Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki was so grumpy about wearing his super-uncomfortable helmet that he took out his anger in the fight scenes with Thor.

40. To prepare for the role of Thor, actor Chris Hemsworth gained 20lbs of muscle by lifting weights and scoffing endless amounts of eggs, chicken, vegetables, brown rice, steak and protein shakes.

41. In ancient Norse, the name of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, means “Crusher”.

42. Thor is not really immortal. He needs to munch on Golden Apples of Idumm to keep himself going.


43. Batman’s utility belt has got ten cartridges containing handy things like Batarangs, a Bat lasso, Bat handcuffs and a special Bat first-aid kit.

44. He also keeps some Kryptonite tucked away, just in case Superman gets in his face!

45. Batz has nine different academic degrees ranging from criminal science to advanced chemistry.

46. Batman actor Christian Bale once auditioned for the role of the Caped Crusader’s sidekick Robin in Batman Forever.

47. Batman’s mask contains an electric charge which will shock anyone – other than Batman – who tries to remove it!

48. Batman has mastered 127 different styles of martial arts including, Muay This, Escrima, Krav Maga and Ninjitsu, so don’t make him angry.

49. The Batmobile has a top speed of 106mph and can accelerate from 0-60mph in 6 seconds.