Outdoor sports to learn this winter


The humidity has finally disappeared and it’s safe to go outside again, hooray! As winter approaches and the temperature drops now is the ideal time to hit the beach and top up your tan. We all know lying on a sun lounger all day can get a bit boring though, especially for us adrenalin junkies, so now’s the time to get outside and take up an extreme sport. Here’s six of the best to satisfy the thrill-seeker in you.


If you thought The Palm was just all private beaches and Atlantis you’d be wrong. It’s also home to Wake Evolution, the UAE’s number one professional wakeboarding school. Catering for all ages, lessons are as relaxed or action-packed as you prefer, all under the supervision of qualified instructors. If wakeboarding totally isn’t your thing, Wake Evolution also offer water skating, wake surfing. If none of those are appealing, you could still just tag along with a friend and be their Insta husband/wife for the day from the comfort of the boat, capturing the epic jumps your friends have nailed after a few hours on the water. #nofilter


Sessions and coaching are charged at different rates. An hour’s session will cost AED 550, while sixty minutes coaching is AED 100. Those taking it more seriously can book a full day for AED 3500. Book at wake-evolution.com or call +971 501 54 5385

Kite Surfing

Dukite are so confident in their school, they say you can go from a beginner to superstar with just 20 hours tuition. In fact, even if you’ve never done it before, you’ll be competent after ten hours coaching. It might sound easy enough but kite surfing is an extreme sport, and comes with its dangers. However, do it correctly and you’ll be flying across the water in no time. The school is located on Kite Beach (funny that), and all instructors speak English and Arabic and teach you the basics, from how to prepare your kite and stand up properly, to reading the wind at extreme speeds. DuKite also offer paddle-boarding lessons for those not down with kite surfing.


Packages start at AED 350 per person for kite surfing and AED 250 for paddle boarders. Visit dukite.com or call +971 50 758 6992

Rock climbing

If you really want to work up a sweat this winter, try tackling Dubai’s highest climbing wall. It took two years to build, and at fifteen metres tall, Dorell Sport’s outdoor wall, known as, ahem, The Wall, isn’t to be taken lightly. Located at the World Trade Centre Hotel Apartments, it’s ideal for extreme sports fans. Instructors give you advice and basic coaching before you’re on your own. Different coloured ‘rocks’ give you an indication of what you should be clinging on to, but one slip and it’s curtains. Thankfully, there are some smaller walls for kids (and those of us who don’t like heights) so it can be a fun family day out. You’ll have the sun on your back the whole time though so don’t forget the sun cream.


Day passes cost AED 60. Opening times are 2pm-9pm. For more information visit dorellsports.com/climbing/dubai. Or call 04 306 5061


Ever watched those cool videos on YouTube of people making jumping between skyscrapers seem easier than getting out of bed? So have we, and it turns out there’s more to it than risking your life for an adrenalin rush. According to the Parkour DXB website it’s, “A method of training the body and mind that supports functional movement and self-growth”. Sounds like something we can get on board with. Classes run from October with experienced instructors taking separate classes for adults and kids. They cater for those of different skill levels, from beginner to intermediate. So no need to worry about getting in the way of the pros then. After roughly 20 sessions you should be ready to show the world your new skills, and start racking up those YouTube views.


A single session is as little as AED 120 (same price for adults and kids). Adults can block book 10 or 20 sessions costing AED 1,100 and AED 2,000 respectively. Visit parkour.ae or call 052 930 8709

Sand Skiing

It wouldn’t be a Dubai winter without some extreme desert sports would it? While Ski Dubai is open all year, winter is the ideal time to start learning how to master the sand dunes on two feet. Classes include quad biking too, because walking up the dunes would be madness, so you get the whole desert experience. If you’re a beginner you can switch between sand skiing and sand boarding to see which you’re most comfortable with. Both of which are rising in popularity in the UAE, especially with tourists. So after a few lessons you’ll be able to impress your friends when they come to visit.


A half-day trip to the desert will cost AED 408 and includes snow skiing and quad biking. To book call +49 30 544 459 44 or visit getyourguide.com


This is another extreme sport you’ve probably seen on social media but haven’t got round to trying. It’s where you’re strapped to a board and using water pressure you’re propelled into the air, where you pull off amazing stunts. That’s the idea anyway, but it takes some getting used to. Even just standing up is harder than it looks. SeaRide Dubai offers training sessions, with an instructor on hand to get you on your feet and into the air. The boards go as high as 10 metres, so it’s definitely not a sport for the faint-hearted. They say that those who practise enough should be able to do tricks and backflips after just a few lessons. They’ll also upload pictures and videos of you to their social media channels so the world can see what an awesome flyboarder you’ve become over the winter.


A 30-minute session will cost AED 300 and you must be over the age of 16 to book. To reserve your place visit searide-dubai.com or call 055 157 9393.