Q&A Amir Khan


Hi Amir, How’s training going for the fight?

It’s been going great thanks. I actually started earlier this time, you know. Even when I was at home after my last fight I started light training. I was still going to the gym a few times a week so I was keeping busy. I’ve not been overweight or anything because I wanted to focus more on the boxing side of things this time, not put so much into the fitness side of things.

You’re training in San Francisco ahead of this fight, what’s that been like?

It’s different because it’s very isolated which is good for me as I can get away from everything. I can get bored at times but I don’t see that as such a bad thing either as it’s nice to chill when you’re not in the gym. It means when I am in the gym I can put all my effort into that. It’s very different from LA, which is where I’ve trained in the past. The weather is the same but it’s not as crazy and busy, basically.

Diaz says he wants to make a statement by beating you in this fight. Does anything worry you about him?

You have to worry about every opponent as I’ve made mistakes in the past where I’ve gone into fights thinking I’m going to win easily. I’m going in to fights now knowing they’re all going to be tough, tough fights that I need to win. I’m going to push all the way to get the knockout and get the win, and he’ll be thinking the same. I reckon this fight is only one away from a world title so I need to win it. I want to win it in style too.

Have you got more to lose in this fight than Diaz do you think?

I think I’ve always got more to lose than the guy I’m facing. I’m still one of the hot favourite and money men in the division so there’s always pressure on me. Plus, I’m fighting in England again so the pressure is on me to win. I’m going to be smart about it though and I’m not thinking of losing in any way. I just need to remain focused and get the job done.

It’s been a while since you last fought in the UK, you must be looking forward to doing it again…

Absolutely I am. I can’t wait for it to get back in front of some of my home fans. I’ve not fought in the UK for over two years now so it’ll be good to do it in front of the people that have been so supportive of me over the years. The time has come for me to give the fans an exciting fight. There’s not been much boxing in Sheffield so I’m looking forward to giving them something exciting to watch up there. Plus, me fighting in the UK, I’ve taken a cut from my purse to come back to the UK, to hopefully show the fans that I want to fight over here as well, you know. I want to give a bit of loyalty back.

How will it affect your training? Will you finish it all in San Francisco or do a bit over here before the fight too?

The hard bits will be done in San Francisco and then I’ll be doing some light work in the last couple of weeks before the fight back home. I’ll get used to the time difference and that before the fight. The training I’ll be doing a couple of weeks before the fight will all be things like, movement and strategy and just keeping loose. You can’t get any fitter two weeks before the fight so it’s just about being smart really.

What’s the ideal scenario for you after this fight?

I want to fight Danny Garcia again but Richard Schaefer said there’s going to be a tournament where the winner of the tournament fights me at the end. I’m one of the main guys still in the division so the winner will get to fight me. The tournament will be between (Victor) Ortiz Vs. Lamont Peterson and Zab Judah vs. Danny Garcia. The winners of those fights face each other and the winner fights me. So I think that fight could happen before the end of the year.

Is that definitely going to happen?

Yeah, I’ve spoken about it with Golden Boy Promotions and that’s what they want. The winner of all of that will get a super fight with Floyd Mayweather or whoever. So, it’s a way of getting the best together and seeing who’s the number one and then giving them the super fight.

Did you hear about the Curtis Woodhouse’s abuse on Twitter?

No, I didn’t hear about it but you’re always going to get people on social media giving you abuse and stuff. I use it as a help and motivation in a way because it’s only going to push you and work harder. I mean, sometimes it can get a bit over the top but I’ve got over a million followers so you’re always going to get one or two that do it. It’s just one of those things, you just have to get on with it and ignore all the hate and stuff.

Do you ever stay away from Twitter?

To be honest, I leave it on you know. I am who I am, so I don’t see the point in turning it off. Why should I turn it off and spoil it for those that are fans of mine? I’ve got a few haters and a lot of people that love me so why turn it off? I still want to keep my fans updated with what I’m doing, you know.

The fight is on BoxNation. Have you done a deal with Frank Warren?

That’s right, yeah. I and Floyd Mayweather have done a deal with BoxNation and it’s a good move. I think it’s the way forward as it’s a good deal for both parties. I’ve got big fights coming up and there’s no better place to have them, then on a boxing only channel.

Frank Warren has recently lost a few fighters from his stable, is he in any trouble?

Frank’s been doing this for a long time and he’s one of the best boxing promoters out there. You’re always going to have ups and downs in this business and I don’t think Frank will feel he’s in any type of trouble. Knowing him he’ll bounce back even stronger than before.

Who do you most want to fight before you retire?

It would be Floyd Mayweather. Purely because he’s the best known fighter out there and he’s the best at what he does, so I want to fight him!

Thanks for the chat Amir. Finally, the fight is in Sheffield, the hometown of Kell Brook. Do you think you’ve got more fans there than him?

One hundred percent! I mean, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve got loads more fans than he has in Sheffield. This fight is nearly sold out already and he’s never sold out this arena, and it’s in his home town! So that says there’s more Amir Khan fans in Sheffield than there are Kell Brook fans!