Q&A: Fernando Torres

Chelsea’s record signing on switching red for blue


Hi Fernando! How are you enjoying being a Chelsea player?

The Chelsea staff have been helping me settle in. The training ground is great, the building is only a few years old so the facilities are the best. All the people at the club have made it very easy for me to fit in. I’m looking forward to my time at Chelsea.

How do you compare Liverpool and Chelsea?

Both Liverpool and Chelsea are great so there’s no point in comparing them. I’ve been under pressure before when I signed for Liverpool so it’s nothing new. I’m very excited to be a Chelsea player now though.

A lot of Liverpool fans are unhappy with you joining Chelsea.

I can only say good things about the Liverpool fans, I have nothing bad to say. I had three and a half fantastic years there which I won’t forget. The fans may not understand the reasons why I choose to move and in a few weeks I might explain those reasons. I’m not asking the fans to understand either, when they see what I did in my time there hopefully they’ll be happy with me.

How did you leave things with Kenny Dalglish?

I had a good relationship with him. He’s a legend at Liverpool and he’s bought a lot of hope back to the team.

When did you decide you wanted to leave?

When I heard Chelsea had come in for me, that’s when I decided I wanted to leave. That was about twelve days before the end of the transfer window.

Some fans said you didn’t look interested at Liverpool anymore.

I never lost my ambition. It’s just a lot of people giving their opinions. I’m sure I did the right things when I was playing and just trying to help Liverpool move forward. But I couldn’t turn down the offer to play for Chelsea.

How well do you feel you’re performing at the moment?

I feel in the last month I’ve been playing to my best so I’m feeling really good at the moment. I’ll have my best form between now and the end of the season now though. At least I hope so anyway!

How do you think you’ll fit into the team at Chelsea?

I’m a big fan of both Anelka and Drogba and we were always worried about playing against them so it’s exciting to be playing alongside them now. I’ll play anywhere that will help the team. It doesn’t matter if it’s two or three up front when you’ve got the quality players that Chelsea have. I’m ready to fit in where the manager wants me.

Who’s been showing you the ropes?

John Terry and Frank Lampard have given me a very nice welcome. They’ve both offered me help and advice about settling in. About buying a house and stuff like that. In training we’re already talking about the next game. They know what I’m like as a player and I know what they’re like as well so we’ll be fine on the pitch.

What’s your target for this season now?

The Champions League is the main thing. I know Chelsea have great ambition when it comes to the Champions League, the aim is to win it. I’m the same as every other player; I want to win it as well.

Finally, you’ve signed a five-year-deal. Will you see your career out with Chelsea?

Who knows, I’ll be thirty two when my contract ends with Chelsea. I’m twenty six now so I don’t really want to be talking about retirement! Maybe my body won’t be strong enough to carry on when I’m thirty two!